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Expanding my toolkit: Birth preparation using Spinning Babies concepts

I recently had the privilege to be able to travel to Brisbane to attend a 2-day Spinning Babies® Workshop.

The opportunity was in a way gifted to me by a lovely couple who did HypnoBirthing with me. Although they birthed amazingly, it was not what we had planned for. I had already a desire to attend one of these trainings, but that experience really lit the fire even more.

Taught by Jenny Blyth, an incredibly wise and experienced birth worker and body worker. I felt a little like a fish out of water in a room of about 25 midwives! (As well as a chiropractor and myself.)

I quickly found that I aligned with Jenny's approach, and it was a wonderful click with everything that I do: Prenatal massage, facilitating massage workshops myself, HypnoBirthing, and even clinical hypnotherapy.

Spinning Babies® philosophy is Physiology Before Force. So rather than using forced approaches such as syntocin, coached pushing or even manual manipulation the baby, making more room for the baby is the key. And how do we make more room? By coaching the birthing parent before and during birth into optimal physical positions. And then, through touch therapy, soften ligaments and muscles in places where the baby might get hindered in their way down through the pelvis.

I'm so excited to bring my introduction to this approach to what I already offer to my clients. I'm such an admirer of this approach and definitely plan to add more training in this method in the future.

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