Clinical Hypnotherapy

Image by Motoki Tonn

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a combination of advanced methods of hypnosis, counselling and psychological techniques to treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions.

JodyAnn has trained with the Academy of Hypnotic Science, one of the few government accredited Diploma level training providers in Australia. 

Her specialisations are pre and post birth work, womb regression, fertility and IVF, birth trauma and intergenerational birth stories. Women’s health such as hormonal regulation, menopause, mindful eating and positive body image are also key areas in JodyAnn's practice.

As well as these areas of specialty, JodyAnn has worked with areas such as pain management, anxiety, insomnia, eczema, smoking, teeth grinding and more.

The practice of Hypnosis involves getting into a relaxed state of mind where the therapist communicates with with the subconscious part of your brain and makes suggestions relevant to the specific symptoms, such as pain or infertility.

By accessing deeply buried memories, experiences and repressed emotions, we can more efficiently identify the root cause of the unhelpful habit or emotions.

Hypnotherapy is evidenced based with over 70,000 research references world wide.

JodyAnn is a professional member of Australian Hypnotherapy Association and rebates apply - please check your private health insurance for covering Clinical Hypnotherapy. 


"Extremely grateful for finding JodyAnn.

She is a very gentle and understanding lady. She made me feel very calm & safe during our hypnosis sessions. I went to JodyAnn for infertility & pregnancy loss hypnosis. She knew how to dive deep down into my feelings, while making me feel assured! The connection I had with her during our sessions was amazing. 2 months after, I am now pregnant! Would highly recommend JodyAnn!"


"It has been gentle and not retraumatising to revisit things that have been holding me back. But at the same time, effective and I can see where the sessions have made and are making significant differences in my life, sometimes unexpected but welcome!"

-S. Speer