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Past life regression in clinical hypnotherapy for resolution and healing

Some people naturally gravitate to past life work. Many people are simply curious.

The big question is "Why would I do past life healing?"

Every client is unique, and the answers can be many and varied!

Often though, a client will have a sense that something is an old, stuck pattern that may have been pre-existing to their birth.

Perhaps it's something that is holding them back in this life time. Of course we have many gifts and talents that we can access and remember to bring forward. It's not always about healing trauma.

Or perhaps there is a person / soul that keeps coming through the life time with you, and you'd like to know the significance of that relationship. Often these are your children in this lifetime or another.

Another great question is "What will I experience during past life regression?"

Again it's unique to the individual but you may have clear memories or sometimes images or something like sensations or energy. We can work towards closure, healing or bringing your gifts forward into this


Jodyann van Keulen is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist with a focus on women’s health, in particular fertility, birth, womb and hormonal balance.

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