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Womb Regression and Hypnotherapy: A Womb with a View

Clinical hypnotherapist JodyAnn van Keulen has trained extensively with Sara Herring who is considered as one of the leaders in Womb Regression work.

Many of our beliefs and imprints are created before birth. The scientific world has been exploring this recently and termed it 'epi-genetics', and research had been done in the 'inter-generational trauma' space.

It is suggested that our subconscious is aware from the moment of our conception - maybe even earlier. Perhaps you have deep subconscious beliefs, words or phrases that keep playing out in your life. Phrases like "it's in my DNA', or 'I'm not safe" or even, "I can't give birth easily".

Perhaps you have inherited beliefs or trauma from your mother, grandmother or great grandfather. Some beliefs can be helpful. Some can be unhelpful in moving towards the best possible version of yourself. Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe and effective method for accessing the information that you may not be able to 'talk therapy' your way out, e.g. deep persistent issues such as 'not good enough' story, asthma, abandonment issues, fear of pregnancy and birth, claustrophobia and more.

Womb regression can take you back to any part of your conception or birth - or even earlier - in order to recognise or clear out whatever it is you don't need any more.

In the meantime, maybe you'd like to close your eyes for a moment, take a slow, nourishing breath and tell yourself "I am ok". Even if you have outside stressors, or anxiety on the inside, tell yourself "Right now my heart is beating and my breath is going in and out. I am ok".

If you feel that the time is right to go deeper into these issues, contact JodyAnn for a chat about how womb regression and hypnotherapy could shift things for you.

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