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Clinical Hypnotherapy for IVF / fertility support

As an IVF mum myself, I know too well the stressors associated with trying to conceive with IVF. And also know first hand that being relaxed is beneficial to the best outcome. Cue all the (not!) helpful advice to 'just relax' when you're trying to conceive.

Clinical hypnotherapy is an evidenced based approach that assists the mind and body to be more at ease with the rigours of fertility treatment.

And even better, you have a 20% better outcome of using Hypnotherapy with IVF (see e.g. Impact of Hypnosis during Embryo Transfer. Fertility and Sterility Vol 85, No 5, 2006).

I wish I could promise you your much anticipated baby, but not even the IVF specialists can guarantee you that.

But I can promise I'll be here, in your corner. With all the tools I have professionally, and my own lived experience, to help you journey through the processes easier and improve your chances of success.


Jodyann van Keulen is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist with a focus on women’s health, in particular fertility, birth, womb and hormonal balance.

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